Friday, November 1, 2013

Is This Thing On? AKA I'm Speaking (In Public) Next Thursday

photo from here
Happy Friday, lovies!

What are you doing this weekend?  I'm speaking at a little thing on Thursday, so I plan to work on my speech a little before this opening night party on Sunday.  For some reason public speaking has never bothered me (including the time in 9th grade when I said my own name wrong), so aside from worrying that my spanx tank top is slowly curling up my midsection, I'm not really nervous about being on stage. That said, I have an hour to fill with something other than spanx jokes, so I've got to get cracking.

The event is for ISES, the International Special Events Society, so I'll be discussing how we incorporate social media strategies into Broadway opening nights. There will be lots of takeaway ideas for non-theatre party planners and vendors alike, so if you're interested (and in NYC) you can register here. Come say hi if you plan to attend.  I'll be the girl tugging at her spanx.


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