Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday Guide Day 10 of 26: DIY Oversized Ornaments

Want to know what's awesome about the suburbs? Having a basement.  Know why having a basement is awesome?  Because I can indefinitely store things like these giant, round balloons from the duckling's first birthday party and turn them into ornaments two and a half years later using other random supplies from the scary hoarding nightmare that is our basement.

The duckling has been really into projects recently (I guess the ornament doesn't fall far from the Christmas tree), and as I started thinking about our holiday guide back in November, the idea for these big beauties came to me.  I think they'd be perfect for a holiday party or for a holiday card photo shoot with your kids.  Maybe they'll even make it into this year's annual Christmas video.

The instructions couldn't be easier, employing standard silver baking cups from the grocery store, leftover balloons (you can pick up similar ones here), and some red and white baker's twine I had sitting around in my basement.  The duckling was given creative control over the decorations for the ornaments, very quickly settling on my favorite color, glitter.  You can forego the glitter dots if desired, but I've included them in the instructions below since, for me, saying no to glitter is like saying no to guacamole.

What You'll Need:

- assorted balloons (I used oversized, but regular balloons would work, too by inflating them 2/3 of the way to keep them as round as possible)
- silver baking cups
- baker's twine or string
- scissors
- glue (I used Mod Podge)
- brush (I used a round foam stipling brush to make quick work of the polka dots)
- glitter

What You'll Do:

1. blow up your balloons and tie off the ends.
2. using your brush, paint a little glue on your balloon, being sure not to use too much to avoid a mess.

3. Place a small pile of glitter on a paper plate and dip the glue on the balloon into the glitter.  I did one to test and then did multiple glue-then-glitter dots at once.

4. After your glue has dried, cut about an 8" piece of twine to make the loop on the end.

5. Poke a small hole in the center of your baking cup and thread your string through.  I tied a little knot to keep the baking cup in place, tight up against the balloon.

That's it! So easy.  The hardest part is keeping my not-so-delicate three-year-old from popping them. Fun, right?

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  1. how long would these balloons last if I wanted to decorate the restaurant I run? Would they deflate?


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