Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Guide Day 13 of 26: Holiday Hair Tutorial #2

From the time I was three until about eight or nine, my mom's go-to hairstyle for all school photos, Santa visits and Olan Mills portrait session was half-up from ear to ear paired, of course, with delicately feathered 80's bangs and a matching bow.

I wouldn't say I was scarred by my mom's choices (although I was actually scarred the time my mom thought it would be a good idea to let my dad curl my hair), but I think as an adult I've avoided most half-up hairstyles, fearing they make me look too juvenile, until this, which is a little more sophisticated than your regular half-up pony.  It's simple, quick and, to the Olsen twins' delight, employs only five (okay, six at the most) bobby pins.

This also looks great with loose curls as a "day two" style when you're trying to stretch an extra day out of yesterday's curling session.

What You'll Need:
- five (okay, maybe six) bobby pins

What You'll Do:

1. Separate a section of hair roughly from eyebrow-to-eyebrow.

2. Twist and then pin this section to secure, pinning at about the place you would secure a pony.

3. Take the section of hair between where your pinned hair stops and your ear on the right side...

...bring it across the pins holding your twist and secure, pushing the pins up and under your twisted section. I used two pins.

4. Repeat on the left side, being sure to push the pins up and under your other sections in order to hide your bobby pins.  I used two pins.

Ta da!

For a few variations, pair this with a healthy dose of teasing for a little volume in the front.  I also plan to try this a little lower, giving the appearance of a two-thirds up style. This would also look great paired with a low chestnut bun, which you can find the tutorial for here).

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  1. Please see my Facebook comment. Thanks.

    1. hahaha, somehow i saw your facebook comment and not this. ps you looked so amazing at the party! xoxo


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