Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holiday Guide Day 16 of 26: Starbucks (Like) Pumpkin Scones & Holiday Blend Coffee Hostess Gift

photo from here
The only thing more stressful than preparing to host a holiday party is dealing with the party aftermath the morning after.  Help lighten the load (and the holiday headache) with this sweet and simple hostess gift - a pound of Starbucks coffee (I just tried and actually liked the Blonde roast) and homemade Starbucks-like pumpkin scones (recipe here) to be enjoyed post-party while ignoring the piles of abandoned cups and stale crackers.

Wrap the scones with a darling dishtowel (like the ones below)...

'home made' dish towel available here


weights and measures dish towel available here

...and then pin them together with a clothes pin marked 'thanks', like the bread basket presentation I saw  at Dutch & Co. during our Thanksgiving trip to Richmond.

Ps - The duckling has decided that reindeer eat scones, so we'll be making a batch of these pumpkin scones (again) right before Christmas Eve.  What do you put out for Santa and the reindeer?

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