Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday Guide Day 17 of 26: Hostess Gift #1 - Mini Emergency Margarita Kit

The next car I buy is going to be a taco truck so that I can have made-to-order guacamole and margaritas wherever I go.  Until then, I'll settle for this DIY emergency margarita kit, which I whipped up using my favorite margarita recipe as a gift to my party hostesses but also as a gift to myself, because I love myself and deserve nice things.

Speaking of nice things, wouldn't it be a nice thing to treat a friend to a margarita-on-the-spot by way of this little kit?

Mix everything but the tequila together from last Friday's margarita recipe.  Then pour the mix into a liquid-proof jar (at least 12 ounces).  Pair it with two mini tequila bottles, a fun drinking glass and little container for salt (I got mine for 49 cents at the Container Store), and you've got the perfect hostess gift for your wacky, tequila-loving friend.  

In related news, isn't it always your wacky friends who love tequila? Exhibit A:

This week I've got seven days of hostess gifts, all of which are things that you may want for yourself, too, starting today. 

Also also, if you haven't 'liked' Ducklings In A Row facebook page yet, you should.  It's the best way to get our remaining holiday guide posts delivered right to your newsfeed, which is almost as exciting as finding a margarita in your purse. 

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