Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Guide Day 18 of 26: Holiday Hair Tutorial #3

If I were the kind of girl who could leave the house without wearing a bra, occasionally bum a cigarette after dinner, drink whiskey instead of wine and wear things like a backpack with a hood, this is how I would wear my hair. 

This is my watered-down version of Rihanna's edgy (literally) side shave. It's like a temporary tattoo or chicken cutlets for your bra - all the fun and none of the commitment.

Although I wouldn't call this double rope braid a 'beginner' style, it's certainly not as complicated as it looks.  The first step is to try out the original rope braid tutorial, which you can find here.

After you get comfortable with how to 'braid' the rope braid, the rest is pretty easy.  How you style the non-braided portion of hair is up to you.  I love the idea of pairing this with the Veronica vintage curls tutorial, half-classic, half-modern.  A healthy dose of volume at the roots also adds a little drama to the look, too.  This style also works great on curly hair. 

What You'll Need:

- two polybands and a few bobby pins

What You'll Do:

1. Pair your hair as desired.  Then part the to-be-braided section in half from front to back, ending at your ear. (Note: if you have tremendously thick hair, you could do one rope braid instead of two.  Although I have lots of hair, my hair is very fine, so I can't get a good single braid look.)

2. Starting on the lower section, do your rope braid straight back (here's the tutorial for the rope braid again), heading straight back towards where you would normally secure a mid-height pony, keeping the section roughly the same width all the way back.  Once done, secure with a polyband and pin under your loose hair about where you would secure a ponytail.

3. Now do the rope braid on the top portion of hair, but instead of heading straight back, head down first and then back, aiming to end your rope braid at the same place you would do a low pony or bun. 

The only 'tricky' part is crossing over your first braid, which actually isn't tricky at all.  When you reach your first braid, simply pick up your next strand of hair below your first braid and continue normally. I used pink arrows in the photo below to help point out how I crossed from the top to the bottom.  You can also see where I pinned my first braid for reference. 

4. Once you're done with the second braid, secure with a poly and pin in place.

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