Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Guide Day 25 of 26: Seriously Last Minute Holiday Gifts

Allow me to introduce my mantra for Holiday Season 2013 - Let. It. Go.

I'm cutting myself some slack this year. Our annual holiday video will get done, just not by Christmas Eve.
The shopping will get done and the gifts will get wrapped, just without pretty bows and ribbons galore.  And I'm okay with that.  I want to actually enjoy the fire and the eggnog and the time this year.  Let. It. Go.

To that end, there are still a small handful of gifts I haven't purchased yet. In case you're in the same boat (and the sound of $30 express shipping gives you hives), here are a few seriously last minute holiday gifts to get you across the finish line.

For The Gardener or Locavore: White Flower Farm Spring Blueberry Bush

Vaccinium Blue CropSpring Shipped

Skip on over to White Flower Farms website and order a handful of these blueberry bushes for your favorite gardener or locavore.  The bushes will ship in the spring, just in time for a summer harvest.  Pair a note about the impending spring surprise with a jar of store-bought blueberry jam (and a half a dozen croissants for good measure).  I would even settle for a box of blueberry cake donuts.

For Your Lover, Friend or Something in Between: How About We for Couples

Don't be thrown by the 'for Couples' part of this site.  With everything from skill builders (archery, anyone?) to dining experiences (churros for two, hello), How About We is the perfect opportunity to treat someone you love spending time with to a gift you can both enjoy - time together doing a fun activity.  How about the Spy Scavenger Hunt or a beer brewing class? Nab a nice bottle of wine to be gifted on Christmas and enjoyed before or after (or during, since I would pick this one) your How About We date.

For Almost Anyone: A Printables Roundup

drink champagne free printable

Stuck at work? Put that printer to good use with free online printables.  You can find everything from paper dolls and globes for kids to inspirational quotes for your mom or girlfriends.  Slip a handful into a frame for a rotating inspirational quote display.  Start here for a few ideas.  Pinterest and zee internet are chock full of nearly anything you can think of from paper highways for your nephew's matchbox collection to your sister's new bar cart.

See how easy that was?  Now relax, let it go, put on your favorite Christmas mix and have a glass of bubbly.

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