Sunday, December 1, 2013

Holiday Guide Day 3 of 26: Perfectly Portioned Party Snacks

I let my kids touch subway poles and eat snacks off of restaurant tables, but for some reason party snack bowls sort of skeeve me out.  Every time I'm at a party, I can't help but imagine that some of the guests went to the bathroom without washing their hands...right before helping themselves to a party bowl.  It's a problem, but I guess I've seen one too many women leave the ladies' room without washing their hands, and if the girls are doing it, you can only imagine what those boys are up to. Blech...

In the spirit of 'safe snacking', I've started using cupcake liners as pre-portioned snack cups.  Aside from offering lower levels of hand-to-snack contact, it's also an easier way to enjoy a nibble while standing up at a party (which is something I think about all the time.  It's a residual effect of planning parties for 2,000 people with seats for less than half the group).

Wouldn't these look so cute on a tiered tray?  I picked up these festive baking cups at Party City (don't tell, but they say "it's a girl" on the bottom), but the silver foil ones would be just as darling.  What do you think? Overkill or are you air high five-ing your computer screen with just-dry hand sanitizer hands?

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