Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Guide Day 4 of 26: Holiday Hair Tutorial #1

It's been a while since I posted a hair tutorial, so in the spirit of the holidays I'll be posting a new tutorial each week during my holiday guide, of which today's hair post is #4 of 26.  This is actually two looks in one, both versions of a rope twist with one featuring a romantic side-swept low pony and the other being a low updo.  The best gift of all is that this tutorial takes less than 10 minutes, works equally well on straight or curly hair as well as on long or midlength hair and is perfect for less-than-clean hair for those days you want to trick people into thinking you showered (which is more often than I'd like to admit).  

Here are two photos of the low pony version, which is actually the only low pony I wear.  With my chubby cheeks and big hair I can go from 2013 to 1986 really quickly, so anything more structured than this soft and loose rope pony makes me look like I'm auditioning for Saved By The Bell: The Musical (which is a real thing, and which I would only do if I got to play Kelly Kapowski. Hi, Tiff. Love you.)

Here are two photos of the finished updo, the only thing separating it from the pony style being three or four bobby pins. This would also look great with a lovely hair accessory tucked in at the top (here's a past post on holiday hair accessories and coordinating tutorials in case you missed it).

So here are the steps for our two-in-one twisted updo:

What You'll Need:

- two polybands
- a handful of bobby pins (8-12 should do it for the full updo, half for the side pony)
- a little hairspray if you need it

What You'll Do:

1. Part your hair down the side (or middle if you prefer), loosely dividing your hair into two sections.  Starting with one section, pick up a small piece by the part in the front. Separate this piece into two strands, twisting both separately toward your face.

2. Take the piece closest to your face and bring it above and over the piece behind it.

3. Now that the back piece is in the front, pick up a piece of hair below where you started, and twist it into the section towards your face (in the same way you would pick up a piece of hair for a french braid).

4. With your now-larger piece twisted, repeat step two, bringing this piece up and over the back piece.

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 all the way to the bottom and secure with a polyband.

6. Repeat on the other side.

7. For the side pony, take one of your rope braids (I used the smaller of the two, having done a side part), and bring it across the back of your head above your other braid.  Then wrap it around and under the braid that will remain loose.  Tuck the end of your wrapped braid up and under itself and pin in place.

Ta da!

For the updo, simply pin the remaining braid in the same fashion, going across to the other side and back, pinning as you go and pinning the braid 'tail' up and out of sight.

You can even pin your second rope braid later, opting to wear the pony style during the day and the updo style at night.  Options, people, options.

Speaking of options, here are three more rope braid tutorials: the bun, the headband and the heidi braids.

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