Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Guide Day 5 of 26: Holiday Fringe Wall

If I'm going to be honest, then I can't really call this a holiday fringe wall, because it's been up in my house since November 9th.  After two weeks my husband stopped asking about it and decided to accept that there was a prom photo-op just waiting to happen at any moment in the corner of our dining room.  

I love this fringe wall for a few reasons:

1. it costs less than $10 to make
2. it can be installed in any corner or open wall in your home 
3. you can install it atop existing artwork
4. it makes for a fun photo-op corner at your holiday party #prompose
5. because I installed it behind my granite butler table, it will double as the backdrop for the bar setup I'll put there for holiday parties. 

All you need for your fringe wall is fringe garland (which I purchased at Party City and which comes in a handful of colors, including red), scissors and tape. Simply cut pieces to size and tape in even rows across your desired area.  Depending on the width of your area, you may need more than one package of fringe, as each one runs about 20'.  I made a gif to show the progress (and a mini photo booth session I had with my minis).

I had a little fringe left over, so I ran two pieces along the back of our dining room built-in hutch.  The hutch is in pretty rough shape and in desperate need of a facelift, so I think he's happy to have a little zhuzh for the holidays. He's our home's equivalent of that sad Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  Poor hutch. I still love you. Maybe 2014 will be your year.  Probably not, though.  Just being honest. 

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