Friday, December 6, 2013

Holiday Guide Day 8 of 26: The Perfect Holiday Margarita

I firmly believe everyone should have a great cocktail that you can make with your arms tied behind your back (so I guess that means with your teeth).

Y'all know I love wine (and guacamole). I talk about it enough (like here, here and here), but I also make a pretty, pretty, pretty good margarita.  It's nothing fancy.  I don't muddle herbs or light anything on fire.  It's just the perfect, simple, not-too-sweet-and-packs-a-punch margarita.  When I drink this I usually end up dancing alone in my kitchen.

Our friend Sheah sent this recipe to us when we first moved to our house in the burbs and were desperately homesick for Brooklyn. Sheah, having worked at two of our favorite restaurants in between tours and gigs with her amazing band Shenandoah and the Night, knew just the thing to dull our pain - tequila.  And she was right. It's been over a year since we moved, and although we're no longer pining for Brooklyn (okay, we'll always pine for Brooklyn but we stopped ugly crying about it last December), we are still drinking this tasty cocktail.

Here's the recipe for Shenandoah's margarita (in a pretty little printable I made just for you):

I've been known in a pinch to substitute one ounce of agave nectar for the simple syrup if I don't have any on hand (although it's super easy to make and store.  Click here for instructions). This recipe makes two margaritas, one for you and one for me.

Actually, today it's 'one for each of the 100+ people in my office and one for me' day, because I'm driving the office bar cart today, and I'm making (cue the mariachi band) margaritas.  I'll have these little 4x6 recipe cards below on hand for anyone who's interested (that means you, too!  Simply right-click and save on a PC or drag and drop to your desktop on a mac if you'd like to keep a copy on hand for your home barkeeping adventures). I also may or may not be wearing a mini sombrero.

For party portions, here are the quantities to make a gallon, which is 17 margaritas:

34 ounces (a liter) of tequila
25 ounces of lime juice
17 ounces of simple syrup
17 ounces of grapefruit juice
17 ounces of orange curacao

You can also round the last four ingredients down by an ounce each to make even cups (three cups lime juice, and two cups each of the simple syrup, grapefruit juice and orange curacao).

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