Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 By The Numbers

In 2013 I shared all sorts of things over the course of 52 weeks and 161 posts (what?!?), like running into my ex-boyfriendthe night my husband saved my lifethe weird way I handle stressthe time I ugly-cried my way onto an airplanehow I used emojis to try to get laid, and the time I ruined my kids' weekend (as well as my friend Jess' trick to prevent it from happening again), not to mention a handful of hair tutorials and diy projects along the way.

I thought it would be fun to look back on 2013 by the numbers, breaking down a year's worth of posts into more digestible bites, so without further ado, here's

Ducklings In A Row 2013 by the Numbers

161: the number of posts I wrote this year. That's a lot of words.

2: the number of my friends who started and shared their own online recipe blog after I wrote about my no-longer-secret one here (you can find my friend Nhan-Ai's here.  Did you start one, too? Tell me about it.)

4,398: the number of times I wrote about guacamole.  Or the number of times I thought about guacamole. Same same.

7the number of things all new moms should know

15: the number of pounds I lost in 2013, mostly by accident (five of which I lost after I wrote this post)

21: the number of hair tutorials I did this year. Your favorite was this one, which I find totally shocking. Mine was this. (Find links to them all at the end)

1 1/2: the number of birthday parties I threw (party #1 being the duckling's firefighter party and the 1/2 party being the birdie's ice cream social party, which really should be called a 'parteh', half 'party' half 'meh')

26: the number of posts in our holiday guide, which ran every day from the day after Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve.  This was surprisingly but not at all surprisingly the most popular post, followed by this one and this one.

2: the number of posts I wrote about the road trip we never took (this and this.  And here's why we never took it.)

13: the number of DIY tutorials in 2013.  Your favorite was this. Mine was this, which is why we are best friends. (Find links to them all at the end)

9 : the number of recipes I ended up sharing (not including the most brilliant way to cut up a watermelon and how to keep guacamole green). (Find links to them all at the end)

We also jumped on the Instagram and Facebook thing, in case you want to follow along.

Fun, right? Here's to many more in 2014...hope you like them, and as always, thanks for reading. I heart you more than guacamole.


Hair TutorialsRihannahalf-uphair twist two wayshair accessories guide, three summer scarf tutorialschestnut bunVeronica Lake vintage curls, Heidi Braid #1#2#3#4 and #5rope braid videofishtail french braid3-step updodate night updorope bunfishtail bun

DIY Projectsgiant xmas ornamentsparty fringe wallthe duckling's indoor tentonline recipe blogdry erase dresserthe birdie's love note/paper plane mobile$1 wall artthe duckling's firefighter birthdayhomemade headboarddiy wall stencilpaper tassel garlandgrowth chart wall, and an update to our board and batten wall

Recipeschampagne jello, Jennifer Nelson's pomegranate old fashioned and pomegranate cosmo, Jerry Duff's Texas Trash mixStarbucks like pumpkin scones, homemade ricottathe perfect margaritapesto and pizza


  1. Ooh! I don't know if it counts, but I did start a account. Not really a secret recipe blog, but the idea definitely came from you.

    1. Hold the phone...I don't know what that is but definitely checking it out! Can I see your recipes? xoxo

    2. Apparently you can only share individual recipes via email. Seems silly not to have a more universal "share" feature though. They do have a bookmarklet that works really well so you can google a recipe and when you find one you like it automatically links to your onetsp account.


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