Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year, New 'Do

Coco Chanel said that a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. I wonder if by "change her life" she meant "nerd out on the interweb over a haircut", like this...

Friday night I had my babyfriendster (babysitter who is also a friend) Julie come over to watch the kids so I could undergo the biggest chop I've done in recent history, which isn't to say this is the shortest I've ever had my hair - I've got a handful of shorter styles in my hair history including two failed attempts to pull off the early 90's Meg Ryan look, which not even she's pulling off anymore (okay, that was mean. I'm sorry and I take it back. I still love all your movies, just not your hair.)

That said, I ended up saying goodbye to nearly nine inches of locks in the hands of my stylist Dee, which means I'll also be saying hello to some future mid-length hair tutorials to join this one I did a while back on my friend Leslie.

In case you're wondering, I love my new look, which basically means I've been doing this since Friday:


Also Mike doesn't know, which means I'll be revealing the new 'do when we get off the plane in LA.  I expect our reunion to look something like this:


What do you think?

I'm working on a tutorial for the tousled curls shown above and below, below being more pictures of my new cut for those of you who are into these things #hairporn #guiltyascharged

Thoughts? Don't be afraid to get all Fashion Police Golden Globes Special on me.  If I can dish it, I can take it.


  1. It's so cute! I love reading your blog :)

  2. Looking forward to the tutorials! You've still got about 2 inches on me, but much closer than before. Love it on you!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I'm excited to try some new looks to share...hope you like them. Fist pump. xoxo.

  3. Thanks for both the hair compliment and the reading of the blog...they both make me blush :) xo

  4. you were super cute with 90's meg ryan hair btw.

    love the new look on you! gotta love the time you save washing and drying it minus the 9"?! i know i do.

    1. Thanks friend. I had a few questionable hair choices (remember my freshman bangs?) but glad to have you there by my side to see me through (and help me pluck my eyebrows). And yes, love having less heft!!!! Missing you xoxo


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