Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentine's Day Gifts

photo by Tim Walker
I'm not anti-love or anti-sex, I'm happy, married and like pretty things, but I just can't not hate Valentine's Day.  To me there's something sort of phony about the whole thing, sort of like trying to convince yourself that sugar-free pudding tastes just like the real thing. That said, I do like buying things for other people, so I've rounded up a few gift ideas in case you're in the market:

For your lover with a CitiBike subscription:

this vibrating bike seat.

For people with lips:

this rose and vanilla tinted lip balm, which comes in a cute little pouch.

For your boyfriend who keeps insisting you will like camping even though you know you will hate it:

This book on how to stay alive in the woods, which is where he will find himself, alone, if he doesn't just move on already, paired with this indoor smore kit.

For your partner who always complains about your sensible full-coverage underwear:

This card, because granny panties are the best.

And in that vein, here's a "look at this naughty thing I bought and am wearing. Now take it off with your teeth" thing:

This little number called "Bond" from True & Co, which reminds me of that strappy butt thing Jourdan Dunn wears in the  "Yonce" video.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? What are your plans?

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