Friday, February 21, 2014

Food for Friday

Happy Friday, friends!  I came across this great post on Jenn Gietzen's instagram account and just had to share - 'Say yes and you'll figure it out afterwards'.  Like most people, I can always use a little push to step over the border of my comfort zone, which I imagine to be outlined in glitter glue and liquid liner.

What are you doing this weekend? Our friend Doug is opening a new restaurant, so we're going to a little celebratory shindig this weekend. I am so excited to try three of everything.

Other stuff, Instagram Edition:

- I cried in the Times Square subway station yesterday. What did you do this week?

- As a counterpoint to 'say yes', I'm still working on saying 'no'. Are you keeping any of your New Year's resolutions?  Mike gave up gluten and is still going strong. I'm incredulous really proud.

- Two of my friends have online giveaways today, check them both out here and here.

- Looks like my inanimate object sweater collection isn't so crazy after all. My son calls those 'flabingoes'., which I will never correct. Thanks for tipping me off to this, Abby.

See you next week! xoxo


  1. Dying to hear more about French Louie. We're going to Buttermilk Channel for my mom's birthday in two weeks. Yum.

    1. the man got the flu, so we had to stay local. AND he spoiled the last episode of Looking for me. Basically he's 0 for 2. ;)


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