Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Guilty Pleasure Blog: Just The Tips

Once upon a time (okay, two times in 2011), I wrote about 'guilty pleasure' blogs, curiosities of the interweb that have the unique ability to suck you into their vortex only to spit you out, hours later, into the back half of a day that could've been full of productivity and efficiency, but well, the vortex.

There's no vortex quite like the one I experienced with Just The Tips, a web series devised by two best friends named Katie & Katy, who make and make fun of various internet-inspired DIY projects with equal parts earnestness and sarcasm.  It's every millennial's dream - devoting countless hours to a frivolous project you found online, filling all those hours with dry, self-depricating commentary and then documenting the whole thing for the internet.  Sounds like my perfect idea of a Saturday. I'm in!

Find Just The Tips here.  I swear it will make you want to change your name to Catie if only to increase your odds of befriending these two girls.

Find the original guilty pleasure blogs I shared here and here.

Do you have a guilty pleasure blog to share? If so, let me know!


  1. Just found your blog today via the nominations page on Apartment Therapy, I've been curled up in the dark laughing to myself for about 45 minutes reading your blog. Happy I found it!

    1. How sweet are you (and talented...took a peek at your work). Thanks so much for making my day! xo


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