Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How To Mail A Hug: DIY Hug Pillow

It may be low-tech, but I've figured out a way to mail a hug (at least until someone comes up with a better solution.  I'm looking at you, Richard Branson, Google employees and/or Tupac The Hologram).

Grandmother (no really, that's what we call her) just sent the kids some cute new outfits, so what better way to say 'thank you' than by sending a two-sided hugging pillow from her great-grandbabies that is so true-to-life that it captures each of the birdie's seventeen arm rolls?

By the way, the birdie is completely freaked out by the whole thing. She thinks I stole her arms.

Speaking of low-tech, this project is absurdly simple, the hardest part being getting your kids to hold still for 10 seconds so you can trace their arms and hands. (Seriously, please stop moving.)

What You'll Need:

- a throw pillow
- scrap paper for tracing your hand templates
- one piece of felt per pair of arms
- a pen that writes well on felt
- scissors and/or a rotary cutter
- hot glue gun or preferred adhesive, meaning something like fabric glue, although it has a tendency to bleed through felt, or stitch witchery if you like ironing (said no one ever).

What You'll Do:

1. Trace your kids' hands on your scrap paper and cut out with your scissors.

2. Place your paper hand template on your felt and trace.  Then flip the hand over and trace once more hand (creating a left and a right hand).

3. Cut out your felt hands.

4. Position your hands as desired and glue into place. (I did the duckling, H, on one side and the birdie, M, on the other.)

Cute, no? Although these pillows won't be featured in Elle Decor anytime soon, they certainly have the potential to be the must-have home accessory for two-thirds of the state of Florida (thanks to the Grandma's of America, Florida Chapter).


  1. Hah! Super cute! Sort of reminds me of this:

    1. I've never seen those. How fun! I'd like one with your face on it. Is that weird? xo

  2. Love this! Such a cute idea! I've seen the idea of sending hugs before, but I just love that this one is actually squeezable. If you have a second I would love it if you came by and linked up over at The Makers link party going on over on my blog. So glad to have found your site! I will be following along. :)

    1. Thanks so much Alexis! I took a peek at your blog, it made me want to pick up my yarn again! Thanks for the sweet note! :)

  3. What a special gift...I will be making some of these!


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