Monday, February 3, 2014

Wearing His Pin

What did you do for the Super Bowl last night?  I celebrated by making Mike gluten-free enchiladas and spray-painting these bobby pins pink.  We all express our excitement for America's pastime in different ways.

I was actually working on (and miraculously finished) a little craft project for the birdie's room in between commercial breaks involving pink spray paint and decided to throw a few bobby pins into the (pink) mix for good measure.

Because I'm almost as smitten with my pins as I am with my husband, I'm rocking his initial in my dirty, snow-laden hair today with some help from my friend Diana. M is for Mike (and margaritas. Coincidence? Didn't think so.).

In related news, I'm excited to nab some finished shots (once the sun returns) of my newest DIY project.
Hint: it's pretty, pretty, pretty pink.

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