Thursday, March 20, 2014

Guilty Pleasure Blog: Young House Love

At the age of 24, shortly after breaking up with this guy and before meeting this guy, I was living in New York and actively planning my permanent return to Richmond, Virginia. I had moved to New York for my first job out of college as a legal assistant at a super corporate midtown law firm, a common resume-booster prior to applying to law school. After hating and quitting my job (and boyfriend) and deciding not to apply to law school, I found no reason to remain in New York when I could be home in Richmond living in my mother's basement eating grocery store chicken salad out of the container (yes, Richmonders, I'm referring to Ukrop's).

I don't want to ruin anything for you, teenagers of America, but your early 20's will probably suck.

After regaling my mother with songs of future shared sweater collections and Sunday open house tours together upon my future return to Richmond, I quite suddenly met this guy in the basement of NYU Cancer Center and well, here I am nine years later working in Times Square and living in the suburbs with my former cancer patient, our two kids and a basement full of craft supplies.

"I thought this was a 'guilty pleasure blog' post", you're probably saying to yourself right about now. Well, it is.  You see, like literally millions of other people, I really enjoy the wonderful posts and projects written by John and Sherry Petersik, the adorable couple behind Young House Love.

However, probably unlike most of the literally millions of other people who read their blog, when I see their posts about their life as parents to a nearly-four-year-old in my hometown of Richmond, Virginia (where they coincidentally moved to from New York City), I feel like I'm seeing a little bit of the life I ultimately didn't pick but very easily could have, especially given my family has been in Virginia since 1635.

This is not to say I believe that had I moved to Richmond I'd be writing a wildly successful home DIY blog with my husband, publishing a New York Times bestseller and selling products at Target, because I most certainly wouldn't  be.  But I probably would be running the Richmond Half Marathon, taking my kids to Pony Pasture and to hear the Richmond Symphony, whose youth orchestra I performed in as a child. It's fun for me to be reminded of all the amazing things that Richmond has to offer, so many of which I enjoyed growing up, not to mention they are really great DIY-ers.  I'm sure you know all about them already, but in case you don't, welcome to Planet Earth, and check out their blog here.


  1. I had a friend in high school that moved to Midlothian after we graduated so I too am familiar with Ukrops. I'm not so down with their politics, but totes down with there prepared food!

  2. I've been reading them for years, and love their blog too! Richmond looks like a wonderful place -- how funny the "almost my life" tie in!


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