Monday, March 3, 2014

I Just Did Something Crazy.

Happy Monday! I just did the craziest thing.

I booked a flight across country.

By. Myself. With no kids. And no husband. Just me, all the in-flight movies I can stomach and some airplane wine. 

My sweet and beloved friend Meghan and I just booked ourselves a girls' weekend.

Aside from being our first trip away from our kids, it's also a reunion of sorts, not having seen each other since July 2012 when we both left Brooklyn, she for San Francisco and we for the burbs. It will be epic.

There will be wine.

There will be really enthusiastic mom dancing.

I'm leaving the itinerary to Meghan, who mentioned Sonoma, which is exciting, but I could also drink grocery store wine in front of the 7-11 and be perfectly okay.

It's a mommy milestone for me, a real, vacation-y getaway.  Have you been to Sonoma? Have you ever booked a vacation with a girlfriend?  Spill!

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