Wednesday, April 23, 2014

33rd Birthday + 3rd Blogiversary

Saturday I turned 33 and Sunday my blog turned 3. At this point I'm not sure who feels older, considering that as of late we've both been mostly slow and boring.  The good news is that things are looking up for us (and by 'us' I clearly mean everyone but my boobs) in the coming year.  Heck, even in the coming weeks. I've got some new hair tutorials, a trip to San Fran on the books next weekend and a really fun DIY + giveaway in the immediate future.

For my first and second blogiversary I did a little recap of the year, but considering we just did a 2013 Year by the Numbers, I thought instead I would just say.....thank you.

If you had asked me three years ago if I thought that tonight, three years later, I'd be sitting here in bed writing to you while my son watches a show about dogs who drive four-wheelers and save people I'd say there's no way a dog can drive a four-wheeler (they don't have opposable thumbs!) and also there's no way I'm possible still writing that little project I started in the wake of turning 30.  And yet here we all are, driving dogs and all.

I never expected to love doing this as much as I do, making projects, sharing the results and writing silly things for the interweb.  And yes, it's fun when other things like this or this come of it, but the best and most fulfilling part of this adventure has been getting to kvetch and giggle with you guys. Who knew I would end up with so many awesome pen pals? Thank you for checking in here now and then and for telling me funny stories about ugly crying over a hockey game or about your awful first kiss.

It's been fun, so let's keep going.  Here's to more years of us.



  1. Happy Birthday/blog day! I highly enjoy being one of your blog/instagram pen pal/stalkers. Have you popped a bottle if champagne yet? Not that you need a momentous occasion such as this to do so.


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