Monday, May 5, 2014

Knotty Girl - Side Knot Tutorial

I have to confess that sometimes I do a hair tutorial, and at the end of it I think I look like an aspirational version of myself. This hair tutorial is exactly that - the end look is demure, romantic and somewhat elusive, attributes that will never make it into the top 20 list of words other people use to describe me.  I look at the finished pictures and think, 'this is a girl who doesn't bite her nails, always remembers to write thoughtful thank you notes and can make beef bourgignon without once looking at the recipe'. I am none of these things.

Prim and pretty aside, this tutorial is a cool and hard-working way to achieve an abbreviated version of the faux bob. Although I've got a side knot here, you could just as easily braid your remaining pony and then tuck & pin it up under the knots, giving the illusion of a bob. 

What You'll Need:

- a hair tie 
- I would have some bobby pins on hand just in case you need to pin or tuck some strays

1. Part your hair as desired. Pick up a piece of hair on the opposite side of where you want your side bun to be. Divide this section into to two and thread one piece around and through the others as though you were going to tie your shoes.

2. Add another small piece to both the top and bottom sections (in the same way you would add a small section for a french braid).

3. Complete another knot in the same direction as the first.

4. Complete yet another knot in the same fashion, adding a piece to each the top and bottom and completing the knot in the same manner as the first.

5. Continue until you reach the nape on the opposite side from where you started.

6. Gather the remaining hair into a bun (if you hair is longer than mine you can also try adding a few more knots into your pony before making a bun) and secure in place with an elastic and pins, if needed.


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