Thursday, May 29, 2014

Party Pail Giveaway for You (Maybe....If You Win)

Y'all. It's birthday season in my house. Just a few weeks ago my husband turned 40. When did I become old enough to have a husband who is 40? I still sign my name with a smiley face over the 'i'. This weekend is the duckling's fourth birthday (again, I have a pre-schooler?! I still put ketchup on my hot dogs). The following weekend I have the Tony Awards Gala and then it's the birdie's second birthday. I've got so many parties you'd think it was my full-time job. Oh wait, it is.

With so many parties on the horizon, I've been putting one of my favorite new online sources to work. Learn it. Love it. Buy the watermelon plates. Seriously, it's awesome.

So Party Pail - a few months after first hearing about them from my friend Abby, Party Pail reached out to me about featuring some of their goods, which I'm always willing to do when it means I get to pass along free stuff to you guys.  Taking one for the team, y'all. And when I say "taking one for the team" I mean "making a super fun and awesome boozy surprise ball  and then giving away a $25 promo code to one lucky and randomly selected reader". Everybody wins.

For the uninitiated, a surprise ball is a series of small toys wrapped in crepe paper, so that as the recipient unwinds the ball, they discover a series of toys and trinkets.  I had been thinking about how I could send a cocktail-themed surprise to my sweet babysitter Julie at college and thought this would make the perfect summer cocktail-themed surprise to send in the mail.  Just add vodka.

IMG 4810 from Chrissann gasparro on Vimeo.

There were so many fun things to select from for the surprise ball. I mean, glasses with a mini sombrero on them? You know I was all over that.  And the prices for everything from cocktail napkins to balloons are super reasonable.  Party Pail for the win.

Here are all the fun supplies that went into the surprise ball:

12 ounce plastic margarita glasses (set of four)
parasol picks
leis + ankle leis
lime party blowouts
fiesta drink party glasses
palm tree drink stirs
bahama confetti
crepe streamers (in hot magenta, citrus green and mimosa yellow)
parrot glitter cutout
tropical drink honeycomb centerpiece

And because I love you more than I love parties, leave a comment below before Wednesday, June 4th for your chance to win a $25 gift code to to be used before September 14th, 2014. 

As an added bonus, tell me your favorite college party memory. Mine was any one of the seventeen thousand times I streaked the Sunken Gardens. It's a thing at William and Mary. Everyone does it. 
Lots of nude nerds. They should put that in a pamphlet.  

UPDATE: Congrats to Hailey, our winner!


  1. My favorite memories should not be written down anywhere. :)

  2. Party Pail sounds great! My favorite college party was 80s/90s sitcom character-themed - I went as Punky Brewster!

  3. I'm in! And memory? Thats a strong word. I threw a BYOCC (bring your own crazy cup) party - livin' on the edge! I drank out of a fishbowl all night and no one else brought a cup. I'm shocked people speak to me.

  4. Well, the closest thing to a "party" that I remember was the traditional Water Balloon Fight in the City Park the last day of school. I threw a water balloon at a group of boys. As they parted, there was a cop standing there, dripping wet. I came so close to getting arrested. I went to the police station (small town) and cried, offering to pay for his uniform to be cleaned. The other cops were laughing hysterically. Mr. Mean Cop had to back down or be the laughing stock of the police station! Saved my butt!
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