Saturday, November 22, 2014

Have We Met?

So can we pick up right where we left off? We're those kind of friends, right?

1. I'm really excited for Into The Woods to come out.

2. In the spirit of the movie's tagline 'be careful what you wish for', remember when I made my New Year's Reflectsolutions at the beginning of 2014, and I said I was going to say 'no' more and stop misinterpreting 'spread too thin' as 'being inadequate'? Little did I know that I would have to put my money where my mouth is.  Long story short, I am working my hot cross braided buns off over here, friends, and in recent months Ducklings In A Row has been more like Ducklings In A Neglected Corner of the Closet and Deprived of Sunlight and Laughter. Not cute. Forgive me.

3. That color looks good on you.

4. Did you switch mascaras? Your eyelashes look gloriously feathery.

5. The birdie got her first haircut today. The stylist basically told me I Travis the Chimp'ed her bangs and gave me instructions 'in case I ever attempted cutting her hair by myself at home again'. If you were ever hoping for a hair tutorial on cutting your own bangs at home from me, well there's clearly nothing to see here. Move along.

6. I found a girl's phone number in my son's pants pocket yesterday. He's four. I have to say I was impressed at her handwriting and her descriptive, emoji-like drawing of a rotary phone receiver. She's old school. I like her.

7. What's new with you?

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